The modern age

Our mission is simple; to take the neglected fizzy drink back to its roots from everyday to once in a while. To free it from the bondage of convenience and cost. To make the best soda possible using and honouring only the best ingredients, and sending it off into a future yet unimagined.



Roots Soda Co. was founded to reimagine the fizzy drinks loved by me in my childhood, though now viewed through the lens of an adult, the landscape of soda is one of ruin.

Before Roots I often reimagined them with simplicity, Lemonade made with real lemon juice, not the staggering list of scientific ingredients, that in our understanding, has long been the norm.

As a small independent company focused on the long term, and because soda is in such a dire state of disrepair, we can afford to be creative.

At Roots Soda Co. we simply want to challenge peoples preconceptions of what a soda can and should be. The first being junk food, and the second is our relationship with it based on convenience, it has become a commodity stripped of all craft and joy for mass consumption, back full circle to its beginnings as a delicious treat for special occasions.