Announcing Yikes Brew Co.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Yikes Brew Co. Some Kind of Ginger Beer.


We’ve been quiet since the start of the year, because we had a rough start to 2022.

The restrictions last Christmas were difficult. In December, our sales dropped 61%, and then dropped a further 50% in January. We did not qualify for financial support, so it was a tough end to 2021 and start to 2022.

In addition, our costs increased a lot last year, which meant, we would have to increase our price late last year, or early 2022. Previously, higher prices hurt us, so we decided to try something different.

We have been developing fermented sodas, which in theory, will need less ingredients, and cut our production costs. Also, we have been saying for years that we will make an alcoholic ginger beer; well last week, we got our brewing licence, so it’s happening for real this time.

We plan to release our alcoholic ginger beer in July, and hopefully, the fermented sodas will follow shortly afterwards. A lot of work has gone into the ginger beer, and it has evolved from what we initially envisioned–it’s actually a ginger gose now. So, we will need to update the artwork above. Also, we may not even release the ginger gose first, as there’s a strawberry, orange and basil gose, a hibiscus, orange and grapefruit gose, a citrus and chilli gose, and a raspberry gose all vying to be first. If there’s one you like the sound of more, let us know on Yikes's Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and we’ll release that one first.

As you can see from the above image, our alcoholic stuff will come out under the Yikes brand/company. There are several Roots Brew Companies already, and we would rather not risk legal action.

We would love it if you gave Yikes a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, if you want more information about Yikes, or just want to chat, you can email us at And, if you’re interested in stocking our beer, or distributing our beer, or want to talk to us about something business related, we’d love to hear from you, and you can email us at

Unfortunately, our sodas are going to be limited for a while. However, we do have Holocene, Howl, I Need My Girl, and Lovebug available on our online store. We expected to sell more soda late last year and earlier this year than we did. As a consequence, we have several cases of Howl and Lovebug that will reach their best before date in a few weeks time, so they’re on sale with 50% off. We’ve also got mixed cases of Holocene, Howl, I Need My Girl, and Lovebug with 50% off too! A heatwave is on the way, so why not pick up a discounted crate of soda? Edinburgh residents get free delivery.

So, discounted crates of Roots soda is a win for you, and an online sales boost would we be a win for us, as it would fund a quicker release schedule for our first alcoholic beverages, and a canning line upgrade for 440ml cans. Both of which, would get us back on track after a honking start to the year!



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