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Friday, 27 May 2016

Roots Soda Co. bottles on display in Lovecrumbs.

Our stockists are incredibly important to us. Over the years so many people have taken a chance on Roots Soda Co. by stocking our sodas and supporting us, giving us feedback on our drinks and just generally helping us to grow our brand. As an independent company with a small team and a tiny budget, this sort of support from other local businesses really means a lot to us. On top of that, we count ourselves lucky that our stockists are a talented bunch and we love being able to work with them all on a daily basis. Having our sodas stocked in such an incredible range of cafés, bars, shops, restaurants, off-licenses, delis and farm shops doesn’t hurt, either…

We decided it was time to return the favour, and spread the word about these great places. Starting today, we’re introducing a new feature to the Roots Soda Co. blog, where at the end of every month we will write about a different one of our stockists from all corners of the country; including everyone from new recruits to the craft soda revolution to old faithfuls who have been with us since the start. The idea is to share the great work they’re all doing, and introduce as many people as possible to places they may not have realised were on their doorstep. All of our stockists already have a completely deserved set of loyal followers, but we figure the more the merrier. We’re starting with Edinburgh’s very own Lovecrumbs.

As we were all already regular Lovecrumbs customers, everyone at Roots Soda Co. was pretty happy when we got the opportunity to have our sodas stocked there in spring last year. What is now a staple of the Edinburgh café scene started life as a wholesale cake business working out of a garage in Leith. Lovecrumbs was set up by friends, Hollie and Rachel, and the pair would drive around selling their incredible creations to businesses in the local area. When a site in West Port became available in 2012, Lovecrumbs as we know it began.

The decadent goods are all baked daily by the Lovecrumbs bakers and they use as many British seasonal ingredients as they can get their hands on. Each day you will find a completely different selection of sweet treats and cakes made with amazing flavour combinations, all topped off with their now-infamous signature swirl. It’s a must for cake lovers of Edinburgh and beyond, and you will always be spoilt for choice. If you need more Lovecrumbs in your life, you can also get whole cakes made to order.

If that wasn’t all good enough, Lovecrumbs is also a keen supporter of other local producers, getting their tea from Anteaques, their coffee from Steampunk and their bespoke hot chocolate from Coco Chocolatier. The only downside we can think of is that looking at their Instagram page will make you very, very hungry. If you’re in Leith, make sure you check out their sister venture, Twelve Triangles, whose donuts are already legendary and make a regular appearance at Roots HQ.

Literally anything they will feed us.

To use their words, you can find Lovecrumbs between Edinburgh’s best vintage shop and the dancing ladies of the Western Bar; a location otherwise known as 155 West Port.

To check out their wares, head along between 9 and 6 on weekdays, 9.30 and 6 on Saturdays, and 12 and 6 on Sundays.



Lovecrumbs window display.

Lovecrumbs window display.

Roots Soda Co. I Need My Girl bottle in Lovecrumbs.

Cakes and soda at Lovecrumbs.


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