All six flavours available in mixed or single packs

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Roots Soda Co.'s six flavours with box

In July, we hit our sales target again. If we continue to achieve our sales goals, we will make it through the current situation.

To be completely honest, we simply need to sell as much soda as we can now, and we would like to make more of the flavours that sell the most.

Last month, we launched four new flavours, which brought our total tally of flavours to six, and sold them in mixed cases. We produced a micro batch for each flavour, because we currently can’t afford to carry large amounts of stock for all six flavours. Each micro batch takes a few days to make; therefore, there’s only so much soda we can produce each month.

We do not know which flavours we should make more of, because we do not know which flavours you like best. For instance, Lovebug–our most avant-garde soda–is more popular than we expected, and originally we had not planned to make much of it. So, we have decided to make every flavour available in cases of 6, 12 or 24 cans from our online store.

Soda will ship 1-2 weeks after your order is placed, because we will be making it to order. In theory, by the end of August, we should be making more of the flavours you want the most. Then, we expect to get delivery down to 2-3 days from order. On the flip side for now, your sodas will be super fresh, because we will be making them to order.

You can now order whichever flavour/flavours you want from our online store. Delivery will be 1-2 weeks from order. There is free delivery for Edinburgh residents.


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