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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Roots Soda co. juicer.

The last few months for us was not just about creating a production space for Roots Soda, but about making a home for Roots Soda Co. too. And so it is (cue ribbon cutting ceremony) our little craft factory is ready to start producing soda for the modern age.

You won’t find rows of fancy factory machinery - we don’t have the funds. Our sodas really are hand crafted. We are going to tell you a lot more about how we make our sodas soon.

As you no doubt will have heard, the banks are not in the money lending business anymore. Instead we have had to fund Roots ourselves with the help of family and friends. Literally I have sold everything I own, even furniture! Like the banks, we too are hoarding our funds.

Thankfully, I paid attention in some of my engineering classes - plumbing, wiring, decorating; check! We did our best to source everything secondhand, and better still, the pride of the factory, its beating heart - the sound system - was kindly loaned. All this has become somewhat addictive, so much so, there are now plans afoot to build some of the future plant ourselves.

It has been a labour of love, like all things at Roots. Now the real work starts.



Wiring hot water bolier.


Wiring hot water boiler.

Boiling pan.

Installing boiling pan and sink.

Sound system.

Roots HQ's vintage sound system.

Roots HQ office.

Decorating is finished in the Roots HQ office.


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