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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Roots Soda Co.'s I Need My Girl'

We have free beetroot, rose and pink grapefruit soda, and we want to give it to everyone in Edinburgh (while stocks last).

To get free soda, email us at, or you can send us a direct message on social media. We will then message you back to arrange delivery. You will not be charged for delivery.

Unfortunately, we can not give free soda to anyone outside of Edinburgh, because we can’t offer free delivery beyond Edinburgh.

However, we will contact everyone who places an order on our online store this weekend to ask if they would like free beetroot, rose and pink grapefruit soda included. This is because, we can cover the cost of the free soda’s delivery from the money we make on the not free soda.

You do not need to follow us on social media to get free soda, but it would be lovely if you chose to do so. You also do not need to sign up for any newsletters, or anything else.

We are giving away the soda, because it will reach its best before date on Monday. However, it is in perfect condition, and it still tastes like it was canned yesterday.

Our best before date is nine months after our soda is made. Nine months was an appropriate length of time when we sold our soda in bottles. But, our soda lasts much longer in cans, and the soda will still taste fantastic at twelve months.

This is REAL craft soda. There are no concentrates, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. It also has 69% less sugar than regular soda when compared like for like.

Despite winning a Great Taste Award, it is a controversial soda. People either love or hate the original and super low sugar flavour. It is a soda for adults, so please bear that in mind. Anyway, controversial just means it is ahead of its time and it is brilliant.

Lastly, it was handmade at our own production facility in Granton, Edinburgh. A lot of hard work went into making this soda, and we will be heartbroken, should we have to dump it. So, we really hope that you will ask for a freebie!


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