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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Roots Soda Co. bottle of Superposition.

Our newest soda, Superposition, is officially available to buy today! We launched Superposition on tap at The Hanging Bat a few weeks ago, but as of today it’s available in bottle form too, and we’ll be rolling out the first bottles to our stockists this afternoon.

To us, Superposition is a gateway soda; a way of easing you in to low sugar sodas. Recent nutritional analysis from the lab confirmed Superposition’s total sugar levels at just 13.5 g in each 250 ml bottle! That’s just 5.4 g per 100 ml, which is a massive 49% less sugar than most other fizzy drinks, including premium sodas.

Our first low sugar soda, I Need My Girl, has 69% less sugar than most industrial and premium fizzy drinks when compared like for like. Here at Roots HQ, over the last few years we’ve been cutting down on the sugar in all areas of our diets, and so I Need My Girl wasn’t too much of a shock for us. For some people, that big cut in sugar can be a bit too extreme. We don’t mean that to be demeaning — sugar is everywhere and hard to avoid, and over the years our tastes have become accustomed to it.

We all know too much sugar is bad for us, and so we wanted to help people cut down on the amount they’re consuming. We’re all at different stages when it comes to reducing the sugar in our diets. For some, I Need My Girl going from eight teaspoons of sugar in our sodas to just two, is a bit extreme. After all, some of us at Roots HQ have reduced the sugar in things like our cups of tea from two, to zero over months, one teaspoon at a time. So, we created a gateway soda - a stepping stone - to make the transition from traditional sugar levels to extremely low sugar drinks like I Need My Girl a little bit easier. Superposition has 49% less sugar than most industrial and premium sodas (when compared like for like), that’s still a big reduction in sugar to get you started. But, unlike I Need My Girl, we don’t think it’s quite so noticeable. Once you’ve mastered Superposition, you’ll be ready for I Need My Girl and the soon to be released Howl.

We made Superposition a bit sweeter to make it more accessible, but whilst the sugar levels are not as drastically reduced as with I Need My Girl and Howl, we have still substantially lowered Superposition’s total sugar contents in comparison to most soft drinks on the shelves, including fruit juices and smoothies. The best part is we don’t think you’ll even notice that Superposition has half the sugar of what you’re used to drinking, so it’s a very good way to start cutting back.

Superposition is an Orange and White Grapefruit soda made using whole fruit juices, no artificial ingredients, no extracts (natural or otherwise) no sweeteners, and raw cane sugar. We’ve also hopped and dry hopped this soda using simcoe and mosaic hops. The hops add more tropical fruit flavours and a tiny amount of bitterness.

Also keep an eye for a Roots Soda Co. soda fountain which will appear in Lovecrumbs tomorrow morning. Lovecrumbs will be serving up glasses Superposition and Howl on tap, as well mixing our sodas with Mary’s Milk Bar’s gelato to make soda floats.

Roots Soda Co. glass of Superposition.



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