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Friday, 21 June 2013

Roots Soda Co. Kaleidoscope Box.

At Roots we want to be ourselves and give an honest account of our thoughts and the goings on at Roots through this blog. It is something I find a lot tougher than I ever imagined. Trying not to edit or shoot down what I think, but to get it out through my fingers and onto the screen.

So it has all been a little bit strange. Almost two months from launch, and two months and a bit from our last blog, our sodas have ended up in a lot of places we really admire...I remember sitting in them over the last year and saying “imagine if these guys took Roots!” I still remember a fine summers eve in one when Jon uttered the words “I think I can find some money. It is really exciting, are you excited?” And a year on these guys have taken and supported Roots, pretty crazy really!

So now that Roots is available in a lot of our favourite places, what’s next in the great soda revolution? We will need to sell more sodas to pay our bills. Make even more juice and sell even more sodas, and if we do all that then we will reach that “imagine” moment we dreamt of since the beginning; turning Roots from singular to plural. To be a gang. To do something. To employ folks. To wake up in the mornings feeling like we can go out and kiss the sky!


You can find Roots Soda at...

Edinburgh Stockists:
Artisan Roast at Broughton Street
Artisan Roast at Avalanche Records
The Balmoral Hotel
Bar Kohl
The Beerhive
The Bow Bar
BrewDog Bar Edinburgh
Brew Lab South College Street
Brew Lab Pop-up for the Festival at BBC Potterrow
Build Rwanda at Stockbridge Market
Cranachan & Crowdie
Edinburgh Larder
Elliot's Bar and Restaurant at The Apex Waterloo Hotel
Foodies Cafe at Holyrood
The Fountain
Gorgie City Farm
Great Grog at 2 Dalkeith Road
The Hanging Bat
The Honours
Iglu Restaurant
Peckham's South Clerk Street
Restaurant Martin Wishart at the Shore
Vino Wine Shop Broughton Street
Vino Wine Shop Comiston Road
Vino Wine Shop Grange Loan
Vino Wine Shop Stockbridge

Stockists Aberdeen:
BrewDog Bar Aberdeen
Peckham's Union Square

Stockists Dunbar:
Crunchy Carrot High Street
The Store at Belhaven Fruit Farm

Stockists Glasgow:
BrewDog Bar Glasgow
Peckham's Byres Road
Peckham's Clarence Drive
Peckham's Glassford Street
Peckham's Hyndland Road

Stockists London:
BrewDog Bar Camden London
BrewDog Bar Shoreditch London

Other Stockists Outside Edinburgh:
BrewDog Bar Bristol
The Chambers Gallery Cafe Dunfermline
Deeside Drinks Emporium Banchory
Dunnottar Wine And Spirits Stonehaven
Highland Bottle Shop Inverness


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