We have had to change our plan

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Roots Soda Co. improving our canning line.

Lots of small businesses have had to change their plan recently, and we are having to do the same.

Originally, this blog post was about our canning line. Now, it is about our plan to survive the current situation.

Spring and summer are the most important times of year for us, and although we are ready to sell soda, the bars, cafes, delis, and restaurants that buy our soda have had to close.

On social media, folks are worried about their jobs and their businesses. Roots has been close to going out of business each day since 2016, and weirdly, I think that is helping me cope pretty well right now.

We are fortunate to have been in survival mode for a while, which will help us get through this. Since 2016, we reduced our overheads, have no bank loans or vehicle finance, have one part-time member of staff, and I rarely get paid. So, we do not need a lot of funds to get by.

We will do everything we can to survive. Luckily, we launched an online store late last year, and we can make it through this with a small amount of online orders each month. We have fresh Superposition for sale on our online shop today, should you want tasty, hopped, craft soda whilst in isolation. We have merchandise for sale too, and we will apply for any grants that we are entitled to, which would help with Tom’s wage, rent and bills.

Now, we think that we would have a better chance of selling our soda online with more flavours, and very fortuitously, we have new flavours ready to go. However, a lack of cash prevents us from launching them right away, so we are going to launch a small crowdfunder for £3,000 next week. Do not worry, we are not asking folks to purchase equity; instead, we will offer our supporters mixed cases of soda with our new flavours.

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We completely understand if you are unable to buy soda or merchandise, but should you want to help, you can follow us on social media, like, retweet, and repost our content. In the coming weeks, we will promote our crowdfund online. Every interaction with our posts will help get them seen by more people. People who might want, and be able, to buy our soda.

Lastly, we buy our boxes, cans, ingredients and labels from small, independent UK suppliers. So, by supporting us, you will support them too.

Thank you for your time


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